Proverbs 29:11

11  A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.

My husband and I still have all his mother’s possessions at our house.  With her now being in a nursing home, they need to be distributed to her other four children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren.  We have notified the four children and the oldest nephews and niece.  We asked that they contact us to come over and let us know what they would like, to use or to have for heirlooms.

Two brothers responded very quickly that they did not want anything.  One brother and his family have not responded at all.  One sister has not responded at all.  Yet, she knows what is supposed to be hers and she has shown no interest.  One nephew said he wanted the dining room set, but has not made contact to set that up.

Are you having any problems in communication with the family of your loved one?  Maybe your case is like ours and you are dealing with your own family.  Feelings can be hurt.  Feelings of frustration can develop.  Even feelings of disappointment or anger can build.  But the Bible says to be wise, so we hold them back.  I’ve mentioned quite an example with our big family.  But we remain quiet.  Quietly we are going through my mother-in-laws’s things and weeding out what we know would be of no value.  We are setting aside the family items in the hopes someone will come forward with interest in them.  Maybe I’m too sentimental.  I’ll have to keep those feelings to myself too.

Prayer time

Father, God, please give me Your grace toward those who do not participate when I need them to.  Please give me Your strength to carry on doing what needs to be accomplished.  And above all, Father, hold fast my words in order that I not vent my feelings.  I know I can come to You and You will hear and comfort me.  Guide me with wisdom as I make the decisions that have now become mine to make.  In Jesus name, amen.