Jeremiah 31:25-26

25  I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.  26  At this I awoke and looked around.  My sleep had been pleasant to me.  (NIV)

God gave this promise to Jeremiah in a dream and it was written down in the Word for you to read.  He spoke to Jeremiah about 2,600 years ago.  Now God is speaking this to you.  He knew you would be weary.  He knew you would need His reassurance.  He knows your every moment.  God is in control even while you are asleep and dreaming, or awake and reading His word.

Every time I have had the opportunity to be a caregiver, at times I was weary. I know my strength and enthusiasm have been faint.  Many nights, sleep is restless and interrupted.  Sleep becomes a commodity for a caregiver.  You trade sleep to meet the needs of others.

God will refresh the weary.  God will satisfy the faint.  Meditate on His words for you when you go to bed.  It is the best way to wake up having had a pleasant night’s rest.

Prayer time

Father, thank You for showing me Your promise to refresh and satisfy me.  I want to thank You for the men and women of the Bible.  The lessons you taught them are still speaking to me today.  Let me rest in Your Word.  Please allow me a good night tonight.  In Jesus name I pray amen.