Psalm 68:5

5.  A father to the fatherless, a defense of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.  (NIV)

God Loves everyone.  He sent His son to die so He can offer the opportunity to come to Him and receive salvation.  You can live a life redeemed and develop a relationship with your heavenly Father.  Yet when it comes to those in the world who are truly alone He is especially mindful of them, their need for care.

From His holy dwelling place, He is always searching for His people who are ready and willing to serve Him.  When God makes special note of an orphan or a widow, He looks for the right person to care for them.  He saw you, and chose you to carry out the plan He  has to help the lonely and alone.  He is looking down on who you are caring for, as a Father and Defender.  This isn’t to criticize you.  He watches over you to guide you.  But, most importantly, He is there to support you!

God is stepping right up with you. He has chosen you to act just as He does. You are following His Handbook.  God sees that, and He remembers.

Prayer time

God almighty how awesome You are to be watching over the details of the people who are alone.  Thank You for allowing me the opportunity to care for these special ones.  I give You the glory and honor.  In Jesus name I praise You, amen.